The Aisles

I spend a lot of my time in The Aisles. The Aisles is where I work. I've been there a few weeks and it didn't take long for me to become exhausted and Luckily, from day one, my plan to go unnoticed fell through. (I mean. What can I say? It's a given.) I've found some interesting characters placed right in front of me. You know, the ones that can get you to a place where time...stands...still. The Aisles.  



The City

It goes by many names. The Town. Chi-Town. My Hometown.
There's no place like home. Our streets, our weather, our people. These streets are the worst to drive but these streets, these Chicago streets; Even the darkest one makes all others elsewhere pale in comparison. We weather these streets in any weather. When we have shit we have to get done, we get that shit done...period. Chicagans, separated by our tracks, united by our hustle. These streets,  these Chicago streets is where the strong are born. Where the strong survive. Where the strong thrive. They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well, when a city raises a child, my city, The City; When The City raises a child, that child becomes...The Ave.



Mild Sauce

That Sauce. You know the taste. It's a little sweet with a little spice and a ton of bite. That flavor. Always laid on thick. After one taste it changes your tastes. It adds to everything around. Receiving extra may lead to an OD, but it's a risk anyone would take. Because when it comes to that sauce, too much is always better than not enough. That sauce. You know the taste. And one taste is all it takes.